About Us

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"...with lynx-like eyes, examining those things which manifest themselves, so that having observed them, [we] may zealously use them.”

- Giambattista della Porta, Magia Naturalis (1558)



  1. Thought leader, consultant, and strategist for businesses and organizations seeking to transform their cultures so as to maximize the value they gain from the diverse skills, talents, experiences, and backgrounds of their employees.

  2. Derivative of links or connections between two or more cultures developed through greater understanding of and appreciation for their respective heritage and/or unique strengths or characteristics. At the deepest level, a linking of cultures through mutual respect.

  3. An individual or organization dedicated to transforming cultures through clarity and insight, invoking the mythology of the North American lynx as a wild cat with supernatural eyesight capable of seeing through falsehood and unravelling hidden truths.

Our Story

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Our Expertise

  • Workforce Development

  • Diversity & Inclusion Strategies

  • Organizational Engagement

  • International Affairs

  • Community Relations

Our Services

  • Consulting & Strategy

  • Thought Leadership & Insights

  • Employee Training & Development

  • Messaging & Communications

  • Research, Writing & Analysis

  • Translations (English/German/French)

CultureLynx was born out of a desire to foster greater understanding, respect, and connectedness among people of different ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, experiences, and cultures by getting back to the basics: our Truth. We believe that, to achieve the Extraordinary - whether in life or in business - we must harness our collective strength as individuals, and that requires a deep appreciation for all of the unique attributes, skill sets and attributes we bring to bear.

Created in 2019, CultureLynx draws on more than a decade of experience in public policy, government relations, international affairs, workforce development, diversity and inclusion, and ethics and compliance to help you meet your culture goals. Based in Saratoga Springs, New York, with strong ties to Aachen, Germany, CultureLynx is proud to offer tangible solutions in training, communications, and organizational strategy to help you retain, develop, and inspire your greatest asset: your people.

That spark you are looking for to reignite the passion in your organization? We’ll help you find it - and light it on fire.

Our expertise spans a range of sectors from government to education, automotive, manufacturing and advanced technology, within the United States and abroad. Whether you are simply seeking assistance with a translation, interested in creating an intercultural communications training, or searching for a comprehensive transformation of your organization’s culture, we will work with you to develop customized solutions, no matter the challenge.