Our Approach

We are tenacious problem solvers who pounce at opportunities to make a difference.

We help you create and deploy a Tiger Team* of People & Culture leaders to solve your unique business needs.

(*Okay, so … technically, it’s a Lynx Team, but since the term already exists, we’ll go with Tiger.)

While cats are typically known to be loners, we believe in the power of teamwork, inspired by the original Apollo 13 Tiger Team. When brought together and properly leveraged, the right group of individuals combined with the right subject matter expertise can solve the most critical business challenges to make your company roar. We know that driving change from within is more effective than imposing it from without. As your trusted advisor, we will work with you to identify and hand-select your personal Tiger Team.

Every Tiger Has Its Stripes

We know that every mission is different, so your choice of team is based on the skills needed for the situation that is unique to YOU.

Tiger Team members are typically experts in their respective departments and seen as influencers across the organization. They are adept at collaborating, willing to share ideas openly and able to solve problems together to maximize the collective strength of their backgrounds and skills. The best Tiger Team is one that represents all aspects of an organization, including its diversity - across teams, hierarchies, and geographical footprints.

The Goal:

  1. Align: Conduct a detailed assessment of the challenge and align on an action plan.

  2. Deploy: Map out the best way to implement the plan and anticipate how to address any hurdles that may arise.

  3. Document: Record the different phases of implementation, recommend Corrective Action Plans, and document steps to troubleshoot, as needed.

  4. Share: Spread the word (both good and bad) from knowledge gained and lessons learned during deployment.

Get ready …


… and watch the magic unfold.