Our Work

We believe in making a difference, no matter the challenge.

(There you go. The cat’s out of the bag.)


Love is color artwork

… harnessed the power of Aretha Franklin to change the world of high-tech.

We helped a leading-edge semiconductor manufacturer nurture a culture of RESPECT by developing a custom training program for 17,000 employees across three continents worldwide.

A group of statues

… tipped the scales in favor of integrity when compromise seemed impossible.

We fostered a culture of ethics and compliance in a high-growth company when fierce competition, competing priorities, and pressure from customers as well as managers seemed to conflict with “Doing the Right Thing."

Students in a classroom

… mobilized hundreds of engineers to inspire young minds, nation-wide.

We created a manufacturing ambassador program that mobilized nearly 200 employees and inspired thousands of students across New York State. The final result? A win-win for all - and a best practice in workforce development highlighted at the national level.

Brown horse in a stable

… harnessed the magic of science - and horses - to empower the next generation of women leaders.

We partnered with a leading girls organization to bring experiential learning to underserved middle school girls - all while igniting passion around manufacturing careers. Oh, and helping save (horse) lives.

Cheetah sitting on a rock

Connect. Transform. Inspire.

Connect to your Truth.

Transform your culture.

Inspire your future.